Get Frozen & Brought Back To Life?


Cryonics is a visionary concept that holds out the promise of a second chance at life – with renewed health, vitality and youth.

Cryonics involves cooling a recently deceased person to liquid nitrogen temperatures in order to keep the body preserved indefinitely. Their goal is to keep the patient preserved until future science is able to repair or replace vital tissues and ultimately revive the patient. It might seem like an impossible task to “revive” a “dead” person. However, “dying” is a process rather than an event. A majority of the body’s tissues remain intact at a cellular level even after the heart stops beating. The goal of cryonics is to halt that process as quickly as possible after legal death, giving future physicians the best possible chance of reviving the patient. This may include repairing or replacing damaged tissues and even entire organs using advanced computer systems, nanotechnology and medical equipment and procedures.

Evntually, this will happen in the future where our lifespans can be significantly, even radically, extended.

Since 1962, the average lifespan has increased dramatically. Nanotechnology (which holds the promise of future biological repair) has become a major industry. Prominent companies, including Google, have begun focused efforts to retard and reverse aging. The promise of cryonics is becoming more apparent and more exciting.

I encourage you to explore this web site, get the facts and judge for yourself whether or not cryonics is right for you.

Curious enough? Check this compelling short video for more details.