Pick your own Perks

Group of Business People Busy Working in the Office

Forget the office Foosball table, Cherry, a startup wants to let employees take company perks into their own hands.

Cherry co-founders (and sisters) Gillian and Emily O’Brien say their Slackbot marketplace will let employees completely control the lifestyle benefits they get from their company, allowing them to set up a Spotify Premium account or subscripe to ClassPass instead of just taking what perks their company dishes out at face value.

Companies will pay huge amounts of money to deliver sweeping employee memberships or build a company gym even if there are only a few people interested in using them.
Cherry potentially eliminate a lot of wasted efforts while still managing to lure potential recruits. The point is, all employees in different age, culture, gender, and life-stage have distinct interests. To keep everyone happy and reduce unfairness, Cherry is nevertheless your choice.

The available subscriptions run the gamut from things like ClassPass, Netflix, Spotify, Peloton, Postmates and other services that allow employees to feel like they’re getting personalized perks.

A sampling of Cherry’s 40+ available services.

Users set up their own subscription accounts; Cherry handles paying for employee perks via gift codes and lets them make changes to their cyber-benefits whenever they’d like.

The service seems like something that would be especially attractive to remote teams, giving employees who aren’t able to stop in for a free lunch or get a monthly massage the ability to treat themselves on the company dime. This also enables smaller startups to just throw money at an attractive employee perks solution without having to add more responsibilities to someone’s job.

Cherry’s platform is live now; you can sign-up and check things out on their website.