Complete Hands-Free App

Voice Access

Voice Access is a new Android accessibility app from Google. It helps people with limited mobility navigate their phones by voice, helping them with opening apps, scrolling, editing text, and other common interactions.

Here are a few of the core commands you can use:

  • Navigate any screen by saying “Go back” or “Go home.”
  • Interact with the current screen by saying “Click next” or “Scroll down.”
  • Edit text and dictate by saying “Type hello” or “Replace coffee with tea.”
  • Access on-screen help by saying “What can I say?”
  • Stop Voice Access by saying “Stop listening.

Other commands also include: “Open Google Play Store,” “Turn on Wi-Fi,” or “Set a timer for 5 minutes.” An extended command list can be found in the Voice Access settings by selecting or asking to “Show all commands.”

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