ICO Killer?

Legally Compliant CryptocurrencySecurity Token Offering (STO)

What Are Security Token Offerings (STOs)?

According to the Node Blockchains Inc. study, STOs hold a better potential for fundraising, as the tokens investors receive actually represent stakes in the company and its assets. This differs from ICOs, where investors receive tokens that are essentially useless until the project makes good on what it has promised.

As explained in the study, an STO is a:

Financial security issued in the form of a digital asset; which typically represent ownership rights in an underlying company and/or its assets. This is distinctly different than the aforementioned ICOs, which were ‘Utility Tokens’ or digital tokens that provided access to a project’s future product/service with no tangible claim to an asset or equity ownership.”

In the same way that STOs present a different take on the fundraising method of cryptocurrency projects, the study points out an interesting ideology that differs from what we’re used to in the decentralized blockchain industry.

According to the study, the driving idea of a decentralized blockchain which cuts out the middlemen and key intermediaries such as bankers, lawyers and accountants, custodians and exchanges, is misguided. The study holds that these entities are necessary to improve and create efficiencies going forward, and should be immersed in the blockchain ecosystem rather than cut out by it.

Therefore, the researchers believe the “STO model” will help drive the blockchain industry further by coupling STOs with smart contracts, middlemen, and intermediaries. They believe this will be the most beneficial to both issuers and investors.

Benefits of STOs

As mentioned before, the study believes the STO model is far better than the ICO model, as issuers benefit from lower transaction costs and higher speeds of execution, as well as a wider investor base and better deal terms. STOs also pose benefits for investors, as they benefit from a superior asset universe, enhanced liquidity potential, and fractional ownership.

Although STOs are still up and coming, the researchers believe they will have a significant impact on the growth of the capital markets industry within the next 2 years. They strongly encourage their adoption rather than ICOs and believe STOs will ultimately strengthen the blockchain industry.