Learn while you Earn!

Aeternity – Crypto Rewards

Getting Paid In Crypto For Learning

Students who enroll in Aeternity and Dacade’s blockchain-related courses will be paid in cryptocurrency after they have successfully completed certain assignments and tasks.

According to a blog post on Aeternity’s official website, its free course on distributed ledger technology (DLT) aims to “educate future users, entrepreneurs, and developers on the fundamentals of blockchain.”

Notably, the education initiative will also “reward students with æternity tokens for developing practical use cases of blockchain.” Aeternity and Dacade’s first course is called “Introduction to Blockchain” – which basically helps learners understand the main concepts related to DLT-based systems.


Step-By-Step Tutorials

To facilitate student learning, there are several step-by-step tutorials that need to be completed. There are also various practical challenges that are used to assess how well learners have grasped key concepts and the meaning of important terminology related to blockchain technology. Additionally, students will be asked to complete certain computer programming tasks and their code will be reviewed – so that they may learn how to properly write code for developing blockchain-based solutions.

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